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For two years, Online Math Resources as supplied its students with more than just video tutorials. We are an educational partner, a trusted provider of dedicated support and information, backed by a solid guarantee and fast & friendly service.

Our instructor, Dan Freas, graduated college with a Bachelor of Science degree in both Physics and Mathematics, and has an extensive history in tutoring.  For more than 8 years, Dan has helped hundreds of students in courses varying from Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry.

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At Online Math Resources, we know your education is the backbone of the rest of your life. Online Math Resources provides virtual math tutoring to provide the knowledge you'll need to succeed in your mathematics course, no matter the difficulty.

Because of the pivotal role we play in your education, Online Math Resources is committed to creating and maintaining strong relationships with our students, built on a foundation of excellence and trust. From the instructional videos we create to our dedicated support, we know what’s important to you. 


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Online Math Resources vs. In-Person Tutoring

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When students struggle in math and are simply too busy to study, it's easy to just pay a friend to get the work done. We don't see the value in that.

We strive to give students the "AH HA" moment.  The moment when a tricky concept suddenly clicks, and everything makes sense. The moment when they learn something they'll never forget. We want our students to fall in love with math.

By recording videos that capture a slow-paced, step-by-step solution to your math problems, you will have the ability to absorb the knowledge. No more notebooks stuffed with your teacher's "notes" from last class.  You can pause, rewind, and take notes at your own pace.  Best of all - you will always have it to reference later.


Most students preparing for (or already attending) college cannot afford the cost of a personal tutor.  Online Math Resources charges per-video, so students can pause, rewind, and take notes with no extra fee.

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"In college, I looked for someone who would just do all my math homework for me, at a price I could afford."

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"I used to struggle day and night with Algebra and never understood how to use "x" and "y" in math.  Now math no longer haunts me.  I've learned to really enjoy it, and to challenge myself to do better.  Thanks guys!!"

Ashley R.,  Round Rock, TX

"I really never thought that having someone simply walk through a math problems would help me understand it.  I wish my teachers taught it like this."

Matthew K.,  Clevelend, OH

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​This day in age, today’s students generally prefer online to in-person tutoring. It allows you to work at your own pace, without the pressure of an hourly rate.


Parents find that personal tutoring can be inconvenient, and quality tutors are not always available (or local).  At Online Math Resources, we don't need to be physically present for you to learn math successfully.